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Breast implants come in a variety of "profiles". There are low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile etc. High profile breast implants usually have a narrower base and project more than low or moderate profile breast implants.

Chicago Breast Implants Implant Surgery Breast Implant Device Card

A device card is one of the most important pieces of information you will receive with regard to your implants. The card contains the catalog number and lot numbers of your implants. Your doctor should give you this card after surgery. You may need this card in years to come, so be sure to store it in a secure place.

Many women choose to have their breasts enlarged in order to satisfy their own desire for a fuller bustline. Your breasts may not have developed to a size that meets your expectations, or one breast may be significantly smaller than the other. You also may have been happy with your breasts in the past, but feel that they look different now. Often, after weight loss, childbirth or simply as a result of aging, the breasts lose volume and their shape changes.

Breast augmentation can enhance your breast size and shape, and give you the more proportional figure that you always wanted.

On November 17, 2006, the FDA once again approved silicone gel breast implants. Thus silicone breast implants have been determined to be safe and effective. The FDA will certainly continue to monitor them by requiring each breast implant manufacturer (Allergan & Mentor) to conduct a large postapproval study following which will follow about 40,000 women for 10 years after receiving silicone breast implants.

Chicago Breast Implants Implant SurgeryA number of medical studies have examined whether silicone breast implants are associated with connective tissue disease or breast cancer. The studies, including a report by the Institute of Medicine, have concluded there is no convincing evidence that silicone breast implants are associated with either connective tissue disease or breast cancer.

Breast augmentation surgery is still surgery and you need to make sure that your plastic surgeon evaluates you and determines you are a good candidate.

Chicago Breast Implants Implant SurgeryYour breast implant surgery may be performed in a hospital or free-standing ambulatory facility.